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EMiKO VOiCE Birthday Live

@中目黒 楽屋

EMiKO VOiCE(Voice)





アフロ・ブラジル・スピリチズモの中で育ち、幼少よりパーカッショニストとして演奏活動を始める。 17歳からプロフェッショナルとしてのキャリアをスタートさせる。 ソニー・ロリンズ、スタン・ゲッツ、アイアート・モレイラ、タニア・マリア、フローラ・プリムなど数々の有名ミュージシャンの前座を務めるなど、国際的なパフォーマーとして活動を行う。 また、活動中に自分の音楽的ルーツを探るべくバークリー音楽院に入学。 自身のルーツを研究し、ジャズミュージシャン達との連日連夜のセッション生活をするが、ステージでの演奏活動に専念したい気持ちを抑えきれず、1コースで同校を退学。 パーカッショニストとしての活動を再開する。 1979年に日本をベースに活動する事を決意。 「ブラジル文化と日本の人々を繋ぐ事」と「サンバを日本の文化にする事」を目指し、アジア地域では初の母国語(日本語)を主体としたエスコーラ「エスコーラ・ジ・サンバ・クルゼイロ・ド・スウゥ」を創設する。 彼の多くの門下生が日本でエスコーラ・ジ・サンバを教えており、日本のサンバの礎を築いた。 現在も日本のブラジル音楽の父として熱心な活動を続けている。 また、日本での自身の音楽活動として土岐英史、松岡直也、マルシア、スマップ、マルタ、ジャック・リー、阿川泰子、渡辺真知子など数多くのミュージシャンのレコーディングやライブに参加。ジャンルを問わず幅広く活動を行っている。


そして、2009年3月から自身の根幹であるアフロ・ブラジル文化(歌・踊り・楽器)を日本に広める事を目的としたアカデミー「MUKADE BRASIL」を創設。
MUKADE BRASILでは、彼が一番得意とする パンデイロレッスン をはじめ、パーカッションレッスン や サンバダンスレッスン なども開講している。

東京都中野区本町4-30-11 アーク新中野ビル 地下1階


Francis Silva (Singer, Songwriter and Percussionist) Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Francis started his professional musical career at the age of 17. He is a true international artistic performer who has opened with a number of famous musicians such as Sony Rolling, Stan Gets, Airto Moreira, Tânia Maria, Flora Purim. He has toured in Singapore, Russia, South Korea, England, France, South Africa, Spain, to mention a few of the many countries that he is performed in. In 1979 Francis Silva decided to settle himself in Japan, and during the same year he joined the Japanese music copyright Association and established Asia's first authentic Brazilian samba group, “Escola de Samba Cruzeiro do Sul”. For him the presentation of Brazilian Samba has strong cultural ties to the people and traditions of Brazil. He likes to refer to carnival culture as, “the Brazilian street opera”. Today Francis Silva continues to play a strong guiding role in Japan as, “the Father of Brazilian music in Japan”. As a result of his hard work and support of the Brazilian music scene in Japan, his students have been able to go out and start samba schools of their own. The yearly Asakusa Samba Carnival, in Tokyo Japan brings an estimated 500,000 people to watch and participate every year. Many of the top ranked schools were founded by ex-students of Francis Silva. More importantly, the original idea for the Carnival in Japan was first introduced to the business community in the town of Asakusa by Francis Silva himself, and today is one of the biggest Brazilian Samba carnivals outside of Brazil. In 1982 he formed, “Band & Orchestra Zona Sul”. Together they performed at various jazz festivals, and was considered the best Brazilian progressive band in Japan at the time. For Brazilian standard music such as bossa nova he formed and played with Gostinho Brasileiro and played many wonderful forms of Brazilian music such as chorinho, bossa nova, samba, baião, etc. Throughout his musical career he has recorded and performed in live concerts of many renowned Japanese musicians such as Blues singer Weda Masaki, Himiko Kikuchi, Toki Hidefume, Mukay Shigeharu, Matsuoka Naoya, Yamamoto Tsuyoshi, Machiko Watanabe, Miamoto Fumiaki, Marcia, Soul Bossa trio, Bossa nova Casa nova, Smap, Malta, Korean guitarist Jack Lee, Oda Yuji,Agawa Yasuko and so many others. From 1996 to 2000 he hosted his own radio program called, “Inter Community Square’’ on radio station Tokyo Inter FM. He also worked with the older brother of soccer great Pelé to help develop and show how the world-famous Brazilian soccer style and Brazilian rhythm samba could help Japanese soccer players. As a part of this he also helped to introduce Brazilian percussion into the Japanese soccer scene. Today he travels throughout Japan to do workshops and help Japanese soccer supporters learn how to play Brazilian percussion to support their favorite Japanese soccer teams, as well as record on many soccer support music CDs. In 2003, together with some Japanese musicians, with the support of Y.M.T (Yamaha Music Trading & Remo of the USA) percussion facilitator association in Japan, Drum Circle Facilitator Association (D.C.F.A).